Fashion on (an interactive shopping experience)

Concept: the idea was started out as to explore an interactive shopping experience. After quality research and observation on our customer, one thing came to our attention, which is the enjoyment of shopping. Not only do we want to bring the excitement to the store, but also the insiders’ fashion tips to the customer. There are three main pieces in our project: interactive mirror, interactive wardrobe and interactive poster.

My role in this project includes concept development, sound design and branding.




portfash3 portfash4

Interactive mirror

It gives the customer dressing suggestion from the designer so as to make them feel more confident and enjoyable during shopping .Although we call it as a mirror, it is, in fact, consisted of camera, video projector and half-silvered mirror/ rear projector material. A barcode scanner is attached on this mirror which can detect the barcode of a cloth then display the relevant information of this clothe on the mirror. Customers can see themselves with the cloth in the mirror as well as browsing the dress-matching video just simply by touching the mirror. Furthermore, customer can even click any piece of cloth, shoes, and accessories within the video to zoom in to see the details.



Interactive poster

It is a device which captures passer-by’s movement and generates a random animation poster. In the market that all designers are competing to grab customers’ eyes, an interactive poster is cool fun way to attract passing customers. Not only does it serve the attention seeking, but also helps to convey designer’s concept.





Interactive wardrobe

It is a wardrobe that displays the designer’s current collection including clothes, shoes, accessories, and handbags. When the customer picks up a piece she likes, a clip of music will be on. Imagine the orchestra when you get a handful of clothes.

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