Under the duvet

-Project proposal

An interactive installation for connecting sound, body and space

Under the Duvet is a proposal for a sound installation which explores the relation of sound, body and space and their interaction. Conceiving an interactive installation for connecting people requires implementation of diverse modes and techniques satisfying the needs of tactile and acoustic presence. With the aim of creating a novel experience inside a cosy architecture that triggers shared social encounters among friends, families or strangers. The installation is implemented in the form of an augmented bed, which acts as a non-traditional interface and a facilitator between people their surrounding space.




Physical implementation


Description of the interactive (audience) experience

As the visitor enters the exhibition space, his/her finds is confronted with a large bed positioned in the middle of the room. A fifteen metre long and six metre wide augmented bed is covered by a large white duvet with one end lifted up as if a person is lying in it. The base is a mattress which allows people to walk up and down. For the one end is closed, the light condition within the duvet is quite dark; the deeper you get in, the darker it will be. Going inside and looking for the sound source is ultimately an attempt to reach a universal dimension that is linking all of us. A deeper link and a different experience, using our sense of touch, navigating through the sense of hearing to explore the inside vibration of the duvet and communicate with the people around.

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